Gelsenkirchen - 19 February 2010
Concert Review 


  Concert Review by Dave


Epiphany In A Rock Hall: 

Tonight Ten Years After unloaded an unbridled cascade of supernatural brilliance upon a deserving audience of willing participants. This manifestation occurred somewhere during their first song, when the intangible became tangible and the spirit of  everything that’s good about rock n´ roll became visibly apparent to all in attendance.


Devil music it ain’t –  the populace do act spellbound - band and audience unite in a supernatural ceremony,  something unearthly divine cascades over the entire congregation as light emits from every direction, focused upon the four “Disciples of  Rock” set upon the stage before us.


The thunderous applause of praise descends upon the musicians, causing them to voluntarily perform extraordinary feats of talent, with energy unknown to mere mortals. It’s been said by Leo Lyons in years past, that they “play for free” and get “paid to travel” – tonight the money’s all been laid down and they will collectively and individually walk upon the water.


There’s no fog machine tonight, everything is ultimately, intimately and totally transparent.

After a lengthy  sixteen song set by the opening act “Blue Soul”, doing their versions of “Addicted To Love” “Superstition”,  “Tight Rope” and “Sharp Dressed Man” the audience is anxiously awaiting  this evenings main event.


Nomadic Gladiators:

Direct from their tour bus, into yet another hotel and right onto yet another stage.

Enter the minstrels of  kick ass hard driving rock and blues – TEN YEARS AFTER.

They played a full two hours, they left the stage drenched and exhausted all.

Their performance was near flawless and they all played with passion, fun and desire.


Thank You Joe Gooch:

After the show, backstage  Joe was hitting new heights with his quick wit and comments, this time directed at me. All in good fun but also with a grain of  truth in his suggestion that touched upon a different perspective. Joe said “here’s a new angle for ya Dave, do a review of the fans of Ten Years After instead of the band”, and he’s exactly right.

Tonight, you the fans / friends are the stars of this review – and the review is all in Brigitte’s Fantastic Photography – Photos of the event just as we experienced it. 


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