Gelsenkirchen - 19 February 2010
TYA Friends & Fans 



After the show: Leo, Chick and Joe signing autographs


The Impish Joe Gooch - Our Hero Of TYA


Our new friend / new TYA fan Victoria Prado


Leo, Dave, Victoria, Joe


Ric signing a guitar


Victoria and Chick


Victoria and Chick


Sybille Wechseler, Victoria Prado


Victoria, Dave  - with old Magazine, signed by Leo


Victoria, Ric Lee & Sybille 


Joe, Ela Öner, Dave, Hans-Jürgen Schröer


Hans-Jürgen Schröer: "Easter,X-mas,summer holidays,birthday.....on ONE day......what an evening!"


Joe, Ela, Anita, Carina, Dave, Victoria


"Sweetness" Anita and Dave


Carina I, Ela, Carina II, Brigitte, Anita


Lucky Man You Are Mr. Gooch!


Leo and Sybille


Backstage-  (We've Seen Bigger)


Good Friends - Great Band


Joe Protecting His Guitar


What happened to Sander's  Pants!


A  Happy Group of  People 


Thanks For Sharing Your Space With Us Leo 


Hello Mr. Lyons - It's All Thanks To You


We Love These People 


Two Beauties In Waiting


Sybille and Carina 


The Boys After Concert Chat


Sander On The Run - Working His Pants Off From The "Rear"


"My Mother Missed A Great Concert" - We Missed Her Being Here Too


The Road Crew Takes A Break


SOLD OUT!!!   So glad, we bought our tickets well in advance.......


No Camera's Allowed!!!  Ha-Ha



KAUE, Gelsenkirchen - On Our Way Out

Not One Ten Years After Poster  - Sold Out None The Less!!!



Before The Concert Fun - At the Hotel "Maritim", Gelsenkirchen

Dinner Coming Before The Show


Sybille and Her Pet Dinosaur "Joe"


Three Of  My  Favorite  Women


Anita & Sybille


Love This Photo - Hi Sybille


These Boots  Are Made For  "Rocking" 


I'm More Tired Than I Look - A Long Drive Home


Christian Bleil, Jens Urbaniak
Organizers of the TYA Concert at "KAUE" Gelsenkirchen - 19 Feb 2010


Tired But Happy Faces


Anita, ???, Sybille


There's One In Every Crowd


Mr. Sander Veenstra - Guitar Tech for TYA

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