at "KULTURWERKSTATT" -  Buer, Germany
11 October 2014

HSS Concert Photos  HSS Fans / Review by Dave


HSS FANS / Concert Review by Dave


Hundred Seventy Split at "Kulturwerkstatt",  Melle-Buer 

October 11, 2014

20:30 – 22:45


A long concert with an intensive short review.

It was an unusually long concert, although the time regrettably flew by.

The band was eager to hit the stage and welcome their audience aboard. The audience was made up of the band’s most loyal fans. This included the usual suspects, Peter and Theo from Holland, Brigitte and myself – another loyal fan who travelled from Hamburg in order to make this concert, which was a three hour drive for him. Some were locals that we’ve met before at different concerts, such as Robin Trower, Savoy Brown with Kim Simmons and the one and only Peter Green. Others there were our guest Wolfgang and Sonja, both long time music fans and supporters for many years. The audience was well aware of the ground breaking Hundred Seventy Split from their appearance at The Blues Garage in Hannover, in March of this year. Credit to the German people for staying in touch, and following band and personal changes as they occur.  

Tonight is a special event as the band took some time off this summer and are now back on the road. We were informed that HSS has big plans for 2015, including two tours of Europe, one in the Spring and the other in the Autumn – in between a visit to the States to perform for the fans there. I’m able to tell you, that the band is very anxious to get next years gig going and be on the road as soon as possible. The fact is, the transition from Ten Years After to HSS for Leo Lyons and Joe Gooch was an easy one. The band was already together, recording and doing live gigs, without any doubt the HSS train was rolling right along and here they are playing for all of us tonight. Damon Sawyer on drums, Leo Lyons on bass and Joe Gooch guitar / vocals make this three piece band to be reckoned with…TYA has progressed into the future. They play some old TYA favourites such as 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain and Love Like A Man and a short medley that includes I’m Going Home with some 50’s classic rock riffs for added texture.

The Set List Included:

Where The Blues Began
No Deal
Pork Pie Hat
River Flow
I'm Gonna Dance On Your Tombstone
Going Home
50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
Love Like A Man
The World Won't Stop
The Sound Of Goodbye
The Devil To Pay
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Tennessee Plates
The Smoke
Do You Wish You Were At Woodstock
I'm Going Home
The King Of The Blues




































Photos by Brigitte Scholz


HSS Concert Photos  HSS Fans / Review by Dave

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