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Hundred Seventy Split    24th January 2018 - Newsletter from Leo

 Hi Everyone,

2017 has shot by like a whirlwind. Thanks very much to those of you who were able to come and see us play. Itís been an exciting year. We played thirty-six shows and enjoyed every single one of them.

Hundred Seventy SplitThanks also to you kind people who buy our records but donít have the chance to see us play in your part of the world. We really want to visit you and our agent is trying hard to make it happen. Itís frustrating to be offered shows only to find that getting visas in good time is not always possible.

Weíll be back on tour in 2018 and, as usual, youíll find all the confirmed shows here on our web site. Other dates will be added as soon as they come in. In the meantime weíll be working on new songs. Thereís always something to keep us busy!

Hundred Seventy SplitSince our last studio release there have been many requests for another live CD. To make that possible we've recorded most of the gigs over the past twelve months. From gig to gig we changed the sets around a little to include some songs that weíve not recorded live before.

This month weíre in the process of listening back to those recordings and picking material for a new live CD to be released later in the year. Weíll let you know the release date, CD title and track lineup as soon as the mixing is finished. We hope youíll approve!

See you out on the Road




At the end of the November tour I spent a very enjoyable couple of days as a guest of the Warwick Bass Company in Markneukirchen, Germany. Thanks to all at Warwick for their hospitality.

Needless to say Iíve acquired yet another bass and a new Warwick amp rig which Iíll be taking out on the upcoming tour. Thereís a well-known saying amongst musicians íThe next instrument will be my lastí.




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