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October 2017 - Update from Leo

 Hi Everyone
Apologies for this late newsletter. The band has been taking a break after the long German tour in March.
The summer period has been quiet for HSS except for one off shows in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary Thanks to those of you who came along to see us. As usual we had a great time. We are really sorry and disappointed that our set at ĎThe Brudstock Festivalí in Italy had to be cut short because of the terrible storm. It was reminiscent of Woodstock 1969 all over again. We hope to return another year and make it up to everyone.
I spent my free time writing an autobiography, the one I began over twenty years ago. Itís a daunting project as Iím sure any of you who have written a book will appreciate. Iíve dragged my heels for so long I now have a fifty-five year musical career to draw on. When will it be finished? Who knows? The story never ends.
The break is almost over and in just under two weeks time Hundred Seventy Split begin one of our longest non-stop tours to date kicking off in Holland on the 13th October and ending in Germany on the 5th November. Youíll find all the gig info on our web site
Weíll be recording as many shows as we can for a live CD to be released in early 2018. Hope you can make it to one of the gigs.
Many of you particularly from The States, France and Scandinavia have asked when weíll be playing shows in your country. Rest assured our agent is working on it.
Thank you as always for your support.
See you out there on the road.





At the end of the November tour I spent a very enjoyable couple of days as a guest of the Warwick Bass Company in Markneukirchen, Germany. Thanks to all at Warwick for their hospitality.

Needless to say Iíve acquired yet another bass and a new Warwick amp rig which Iíll be taking out on the upcoming tour. Thereís a well-known saying amongst musicians íThe next instrument will be my lastí.




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