We had a vision of what we want our website to be, and exactly how we wanted it to look. From day one we have made these two  things become a reality. It is because of Brigitte's computer talent and creative input and me testing the limits of people and machine that make this partnership very effective. We have technology to play with and the ability to present our photos in a positive way, we see this as the equivalent of  TYA during their Undead / Stonedhenge period. This is the direction we are heading and this is the ground work we have set. 


The reason for this fun page is simple, it is just some added items, and a little behind the scenes stories of our experience with these men. The top photo of  Ric Lee is funny in and of it's self but it happened because while Brigitte was out front shooting photos from her vantage point in front of the stage, I was on the backside of the stage and on Ric's left hand side, this was his sense of humor in action, we think it's a great shot. (Keith Moon or Mick Fleetwood couldn't have done it better) Thanks Ric.





 The next photos are of Chick with my Brigitte, what you don't know is just how shy and sensitive Brigitte really is, and more important that she always had a big crush on Chick for the last thirty three years. I had to have Chick personally ask her to come and join him, her face went from ashen white to beet red in ten seconds, but as you can see in these photos she was in her glory and Chick didn't seem to mind either, what ever IT is   -  Chick still has IT, we call it Charisma !!!


   This is a great photo of these two members of TYA, it was taken at the "Blues Garage" gig in Hannover, and resurfaced here. No blood brothers could be any closer than these two are in this photo, or in real life. In person Chick is up front and direct, he will tell you flat out how he feels, and what he thinks. Ric is the same but he is the real diplomat of the band, I know that his love of his bandmates and for TYA will never end. TYA has a long history of tours, recording, and just plain being together, how many of us could go through all of that and still be friends like this?

   Sun Glasses: We were on our way home from the gig at The Blues Garage in Hannover and Brigitte said "I wish Chick would have given me his sun glasses, that would have been a great souvenir,  so I made a mental  note of that for a future time. When we found out that TYA would be playing in Twist, Germany, I sent an e-mail to Leo to request Chick's sun glasses for Brigitte, Leo was kind enough to pass this message along. We arrived at Twist for the sound check and the first person I saw and shook hands with was Chick who was standing by the table in front of the stage. After a while I asked Chick for his sun glasses, I told him it is all Brigitte ever mentioned,  and he said "you don't want them, they are only clip on's".  I said  "yep, that's what she wants". Chick said that they were upstairs in the room (in his travel bag), so he went out of his way to get them (right then and there). He came back down  and handed them to her. I thought she was going to faint, I know for a fact she was weak in the knees. 


This Musty Wooden Wine Box spent most of its 33 years in the cellar, it's our Pride and Joy, it's where Brigitte stored all of her Ten Years After photos, articles, and everything at all related to TYA. So in Twist we asked Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill, and Ric Lee to autograph the inside cover for her, and now it is her priceless treasure.  



After the sound check was completed, dinner was waiting for them backstage, rather than leave us to wait for them Leo personally invited us to join them upstairs. We gathered up all our things and up we went, we spent the next hour and a half with all of them until they hit the stage. During this time we had the great pleasure to meet Tom Lyons. He is a chip off the old block and that is one nobel block to be a chip off of. I only have one problem with Tom -  he is very tall and I am "Vertically Challenged", I am more like Dylan Thomas and he is like T.S.Elliot. I only wished we had more time to talk to each other, I missed a great chance to learn more about him as a person and about Leo as a father, sorry Tom but we will have another chance and Brigitte and I are both looking forward to it.



The handsome son of a handsome man

This is just a candid shot of Leo trying to get a little relief in this sweltering room, his comment during the gig was "Is it raining in here?"  It was hot off stage, it must have been almost unbearable  on stage.  The caption for this photo should read: "Don't even think about it -  this bottle is mine, please, go and get your own"





  The candies are Brigitte's find, we had some fun with these words----Cool Blues and Rock Candy --- Cool Rock and Blues Candy ---  Cool Candy and Rock/ Blues,   either way it was a night to remember. 

   The Demo CD came from the band,  it was recorded on that night, it was a present for special people and we are both proud to have a copy. 


     One of the most special moment came when I asked Ric for two signed drumsticks, he was very busy and I had to remind him not to forget my request (I don't usually ask more than once) but this was a special request, one was for us to keep but the other one we sent to our good friend Dan Jasper who lives in Canada. Dan is right now in the process of building a display cabinet for all his special TYA memorabilia. So thanks to you Ric,  you made one of Dan's biggest dreams come true.  I am sorry for being so persistent in getting them for him, but it was all worth while.  Ric reached into his bag, pulled out two sticks and personally signed them.



Backstage with TYA is a very busy place.
Brigitte and I made up special sheets for all the band members to sign and then we mailed them to some of our closest friends and loyal TYA supporters. Just try to imagine trying to do this while the band is busy with a thousand other things that are way more important than all this trivial activity. We imposed on them to sign about 25 of these papers and here is one as an example.


  After the gig I went on stage and acquired  Chick's playlist by his keyboards, nothing special here but it is in his hand writing, and it was from a very special night. 






      A Spy under Chick's Keyboard, grabbing his playlist and
drinking his water

 These photos are only funny to Brigitte and I, because we were both so intent on getting great shots of the band for our website, and for ourselves, that as we were both looking around the room, we spotted each other, we started laughing and took our own photos, it helped take some pressure off of us for a moment, and it still makes us laugh. I look like I was under Chick's Keyboard, I was close but not as close as it appears.

Past and Present Autographs from all members of Ten Years After

Chick Churchill, Leo Lyons, Ric Lee, Joe Gooch    ---  and Alvin Lee 

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