TYA Fans - "A Feast Of Friends"
Saturday Night - Sunday Morning
2 - 3 October  2010

Photos by Brigitte Scholz

After the concert - back in the hotel

These Papers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold - Patrick's Private Collection....

Patrick And His Impish Grin - Like A Little Child - And His Baseball Collection


We Are All So Impressed With Patricks Ten Years After Collection


Notice How Delicately He Handles The Material


The Proud Owner - And As Well He Should Be - We Are The First Ones He Has Allowed To See Them

Love You Patrick - We Have Been Good Friends For Many Years Now This Photo Shows The Real You


Our Three Friends From France - Dominique's Wife Brigitte Is Joining In The Fun Too!


I'm Thinking - My Friends - Patrick In His Glory - He Is In The Spotlight And Deserves The Attention


Dominique Trying To Take Photos After Too Much Champagne - But Our Patrick - Love That Expression!


Most Woman Would Not Give A Damn About Such Things - But Brigitte Is As Impressed As The Rest Of Us


Patrick Holding Up His "Prize Catch Of  The Day" A Perfect Condition Alvin Lee Poster From Pop Magazine

All Of Us Were Transported Back Into Our Teens This Night - We Were No Longer Adults, But Youngsters

Alvin Lee - Ten Years After - Joe Gooch - Brought Us All Together Here - For Our Mutual Love Of Music


Brigitte's Face Captures All Of Our Feelings - Patrick Standing With His Open Heart Exposed


Brigitte and Patrick - Sharing His Precious Memorabilla


In My Hands Is A  Fantastic Photo Of Alvin Lee At The "Isle Of Wight Festival" from 1970 "Sunburst Gibson"


Lional And I Sharing A Moment - As I Just Told Partick I Am Taking This Home With Me!


Still Looking - A Beautiful Collection Patrick - A Man After Our Own Hearts


We Need This For Our www.alvinlee.de Classic Ten Years After Project - That We Have Spent All Year On

The End Of Day Two - Saturday After The Concert - Good Night My Friends - Sunday 2:30am




Sunday Morning Breakfast

I Dislike Mornings Can You Tell?

Thomas Henzler Always Looks Good and Fresh - Patrick Standing Playin "Air Guitar" - His Daughter Juliette

His Wife Nathalie Cute as Always - And Lionel Sharp and Fit As Usual


God Bless Morning People - It Ain't Me Babe

Beautiful Ladies Claudia and Brigitte - Any Time Of The Day

Good Day Sunshine

Hello Everyone - Dance To The Music

The Begining Of The End - Of This Adventure

I'm Still Impressed With How Clean Everything Is Here


Me and Lionel - and Claudia -  Thank You Very Much

Everything Is Beautiful



Wondering About Travel Plans - But Listening

I Have A Great Deal Of Respect For This Man

His Wife and Their Dogs Wait At Home For His Return

France Can Be Very  Happy With These Two Men - They Do Their Country Proud

To Know Him Is To Love Him - He Is All Heart - All The Time


Silence Is Golden Between Friends At Times

The Queen Mum Of Our Ten Years After Family

On The Left - The Woman Who Came With Patrick and His Family From Fance (Brigitte's Train Ticket)

The Time Has Come For Us To Say Good-Bye


The Faces Tell The Story


We We - So Long - Good-Bye.......




Luxemburg 2010 - Souvernirs