Esch s/Alzette, Luxemburg
Friday, 1 October  - Saturday, 2 October 2010

Esch Welcomes The Ten Years After Family of Friends

Can you find Chick, Joe, Leo and Ric in this photo?



Clean and Beautiful

Peaceful - and not as cold as it looks

Still Have Not Figured Out These Leaning Poles



Just Dave

I Am Really Happy On The Inside





Eclairs - "Fruits et Mocca" - Kakao et Capuccino 

Almost Too Good To Eat - But We Forced Ourselves!

Cake Art Work - Excellent  Job That Caught Our Interest



We Asked For Directions In This Shop - Very Nice People 

We Were Looking For A Special Brand Of Wine That Luxembourg Has

This Is The Place - Where The Wine Was Hiding - On A Side Street

I Showed Brigitte A Bottle Of Rare Cognac For Chick - Only 2,500 Euros - Next Time Maybe


This Is The Court-Yard Looking Out From Our Room - The Little Caffe Straight Ahead,  Was Our Last

Stop With Our Friends To Relax And Say Goodbye - One By One

The Court - Yard With The Water In The Middle

Theo and Jaaps - Our New Friends From Holland

              Once Again - Look At How Clean Everything Is Here



This Is The Sullen Restaurant - Now Closed Forever


This Photo Haunts Me - Been Closed For Over A Year And The Tables Are Set For Company

Empty - Just Memories Of Our Happy Visit Here In 2007

Memories of Herb and Ric Eating Chateaubriand 

Hi Lionel - Remember When We Had Lunch Here With Herb, Anita and Brigitte

Hi Claudia - Yes Sweetheart You Are Where Herb Was - He Ate Well, Laughed and Lived His Dream 

 A Photo On The Wall "The Royals of Luxemburg"  - It Is Now Gone - Everything Else Remained

A Perfect Photo That Captures - Loss, Change and Heartache 


Saturday Morning - Flea Market in front of the "Hotel De Ville" of Esch/s. Alzette

Claudia and Lionel

Our Thanks To Both Of You For Taking The Time and Effort to Come to Luxembourg


Outside Of The Hard To Find  Wine Store - Clean Street Again!

Claudia and Brigitte

Lionel and Claudia - Giving Their Warm Looks To Brigitte

Two Good Friends - Having Fun Together

Love You Both

Beautiful Photo - Clean and Bright - Not Easy In A Very Dark Store


Even A Little Rain and Clouds Can Not Stop The Fun

Claudia Staehr Stops At Claudia Sträter Shop

Street Scene - Clean Street and Friendly Brightly Painted Houses



Lionel Webb

Another Photo From Our Hotel Room

Lionel - Claudia and Dave

Heading For The Train Station

I Personally Love This Photo - Just Us Together Again

This Is My Favorite Photo - Claudia Is Sitting In The Exact Same Seat That Her Brother Herb

Sat In Just Three Years Ago Now

Love You Claudia - From Dave and Brigitte

What A Handsome Man He Is - Our Elder Statesman - Motivating Force - Loyal Ten Years After Fan !


Coming In To Luxembourg Station


I Wait For Directions - What Me Worry - Not A Chance

A Gloomy Luxembourg - But Who Cares - Great Photo - On An Grey October 2, 2010 Day

There It Is - We Found It - Let Us Eat!

The House Special - Got Me Swinging Folks - I Do Not Speak Or Read French

Shall We Dine Out Of Doors - Not Today I am Afraid - Damp and Cold



Claudia's Dream Come True.... Well Couriosity Fullfilled Anyway

I Got Laughed At For Ordering This - Looks Good To Me Friends

Claudia and Brigitte Ordered The Specialty of the House 

"Judd mat Gaardebounen"  (Geräuchertes Schweinefleisch mit Saubohnen)  Lecker!!!

Happy Me With A Cheesey Smile!

This Is My Real Smile With Brigitte

The Four of Us Together - After Lunch - Full and Happy

Lionel and Dave - My Hair Is Getting Grey

Lionel - Me - Claudia

The Poster 

Hello Peter Mand - Good photo of you with the wall of posters - I really like this one Peter!


Hi Jaaps - You Are The Man - Hold Up That Poster

Thanks For The Great Time We Had - A Pleasure To Be With The Four of You!


One of The Photos That Peter Wanted Taken - Of Himself and Chick Churchill

Saturday Afternoon - Back in the hotel - Arrival of  friends

Good Friends - The Best - The Glow In The Room Really Reflects The Feeling of That Moment


Brigitte - Sybille - A Warm Welcome - Gaby and Thibaud (T. Bone)


I Love This Photo Too!!! 

Photo By Peter Mand


Nice Photo Peter - Clear and Bright......


Another Captured Moment - By Peter Mand


Dave and Claudia - Caught Me Off Guard Peter - Smiling Inside......


Theo and Henk - ready to go to the Rockhal for the TYA concert 

Do Not Judge These Two Hard Core Rockers By This Photo

Within The Hour - They Will Be Tearing The Venue Apart!

They Are Just Resting Up For The Main Event! 

-------Ten Years After Live In Concert------