TYA Fans - "A Feast Of Friends"
The Arrival in Esch s/Alzette - 1 October  2010

Photos by Brigitte Scholz, Peter Mand, Lionel Webb



Hi Claudia


Theo, Henk, Jaap and Peter on their way to Esch/Luxemburg


Arrival at the hotel - Peter shows us his photos on his laptop


Friday Afternoon - Waiting for more of our friends to arrive


When Claudia Speaks - We All Listen - To The Queen Mum


Great Photo Peter


Two happy men - Theo and Dave


My New Friend From Holland - Theo


Peter Mand from Holland - it's our pleasure to finally meet you in person!


Theo and Peter


HUNGRY!!! C'mon folks, let's go and find a restaurant


Where shall we go to? Italian or Chinese Restaurant?


Excellent Peter 


We settled on a  Portuguese Restaurant - By Accident


Our Waitress - With An Excellent Sense Of Humor


Not To Shabby 


A Feast for Friends!




Brigitte's Dinner


Let It Roll


A Satisfied Group


Peter and Claudia Compare Photos


You Would Think That, That Is All Lionel Had To Eat For Dinner - Not True

I really Like This Photo


Henk, and Jaap - With Giant Portions of Meat


Busy Busy Busy


Great Photo, Thanks Peter! Finally, A Nice Normal Shot - Dinner!


It Really Was A Very Nice Place



My Friend Lionel and My Brigitte On The Phone


We Would Like To Thank Claudia Here - In Herb's Memory We Pray Amen


The Feeling Is Mutual Lionel and Love To You Brigitte and Claudia


Love Love Love - It


OH BOY - How About An After Dinner Cocktail !


A Smart Lady Indeed.....You Look Great Claudia!


Next Stop At The Coffee Bar 


Two Beauties


No Way To Hide Henk!


Jaap Groot -Thanks For The Great Time Jaap -Peter You Take Excellent Photos 


Henk Verhoeks - The Pleasure Was All Ours Henk - Pleasure To Meet You


Walk Back To The Hotel - What A Happy Group We Are


Good Night Everybody! - What A Time We Had Together!

.......See You Tomorrow......