"Hoppegarden" - 6 March 2010

Photos by Thomas Henzler Photos by Brigitte & Dave Photos Pre & After Concert

Photos "Pre & After Concert"


Welcome To "Happy Hour" - Thomas Drinks With Style!

Hello Anita - Thomas and Sybille

Happy Together - Again!

Cheers My Friends

Entrance To The Sold Out  TYA Concert At  Hoppe Garden - Hamm, Germany

I Look Like Shit - She Looks Good

Now We Both Look Good Together! Dave and Misuk

No Wolfie At This Concert - He Was At A TV Station

Pre Concert Photo - Of The Locals

Poster Wall - Of Past Concerts

Filling Up Quickly


Check Your Coats For Ya! 

Sybille Wechseler and Thomas Henzler


Come And Taste The Band!

Full House - Sold Out - Standing  Room Only - Projector At Your Service......

Leo Lyons - Through The Audience




A Proud and Very Happy TYA Fan - With Bands Set List


Suitable For Framing - Memories To Last A Lifetime


Erdme - A Special TYA Fan Since 2005 Upon Seeing Them For The First Time


Hi Erdme - Thanks For The Links To The Newspaper Articles On Our International  Media Page


After The Show - Anita and Thomas


Hi Thomas and Anita - Thomas Has The Most "IMPISH" Grin That I Have Ever Seen!


Hi Joe - "Joe's  Half of the Twins Mascots" Sits On His Amp! 


Sybille's Counterpart To Joe's Twin......


Content Friends Always - Thank You All - For Everything!!!


You're Lost Little Girl 


No, I Do Like You Dave Honest! - But, Do You Know Where Joe Is?


I Just Told Her Where To Find Joe - Look At Those Bright Eyes!


The  Ten Years After Trio


Happy Together


Cheers, Ladies!


Good Friends: Gabriele and Sybille


The "Ten Years After Real Fans" Club


 What A Great Time We All Had


Top Row: Sybille, Gabriele, Thomas, Dave

Front Row: Ela, Anita


Ela, Brigitte, Anita - Sybille in the back




Sander and Misuk


Hi Ralph - Thanks For Allowing Me To Share Your Tiny Space


Our TYA Hero



Ric's Broken Parts


Our Gift To Ela Was Herb Staehr's Book - 

Being Autographed By Ric Lee, Leo Lyons and Chick Churchill


"I'm Ready" Says Chick As He Departs - Back To The Hotel 


Leo Lyons and His Bass - Ela and Her New TYA Book - and Anita Watching Chick


 Wall To Wall Friendship In This Room - And In Answer To Your Many Questions: 

Yes, Ric Lee Is Really This Tall In Person - Even Taller Than Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad! 



Sander's "After The Concert Party"









The Perfect Host - Sander








It's The 1960's All Over Again - "The Purple Haze"

Photos by Thomas Henzler Photos by Brigitte & Dave Photos Pre & After Concert
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