Chenée, Belgium - 28.11.2009

  After the Concert / Backstage / Hotel   

Sybille Wechseler - Organizer of the concert
and die-hard TYA Fan



Three Times TYA  Performed At Woodstock - 1969 - 1998 - 2009


"Queen For A Day"

The Big Raffle Drawing!

And The Winner Is!

Tom "The Man" Lyons

The Band Plays On - Pre and Post Photo.....

At The "Merch" Stand - Leo - Sander - Joe - Cor


Sian Christmas, Dave, Keith Christmas

Keith and Leo

Joe and Sybille (Amelia and Chick in the background)

Ain't They Sweet!!!

"Hahn im Korb" Jürgen Hagel - "The Rooster Rules His Roost"

Joe, Ela, Julia - No Way For Julia To Get Close To Joe!


Harley Davidson "Belgium" Sector  Motorcycle Club with Amelia and Gianni

Have A Drink On Me.........Hi Anita!

Lionel Webb (London), Anita Ranisch (Berlin)

Respect Among Friends

Thibaud, Brigitte and Dominique Chauvière (France)

Love To You And Your Family Dominique!

Francis Nicoll and Dominique

Anita - "The Lady from Boston" Claudia Staehr -  Dominique - Dave



Brigitte, Ela, Julia



Chick The Proud Father and Grandfather


Girls Night Out!

Cor Smit, Francis Nicoll

Brigitte, Sybille

Dave and Sabine Trunzer (Kultopolis Agency)






The Day After...


View from the Holiday Inn















Lionel Signing Herb's Book For Claudia 

We Miss You Herb - But Where We Go You Go Too...

...From Now On Claudia Comes With Us As Well !

Hi Lionel - Bye Chick - Thanks For The Memories

Hi Leo - Love This Photo


Ric Just Handed Out The New Tour Schedule For 2010

Wonderful Photo Of Good Friends - Saying So Long



A Brilliant Photograph From Claudia 

TYA Introduces New Singer!

BREAKING NEWS!!!  TYA is replacing bass guitarist, Leo Lyons (missing from this photo) with new singer, CLAUDIA STAEHR!!  LOL - It's A Joke

Photos by Brigitte & Dave