Photos by JOHN EOZZO



Dave and Brigitte,  Hello again. Well we decided to drive the 300 miles to Las Vegas and check out the lads, they were performing at an event called Cannerystock at the cannery casino. Besides Ten years after, was some Hendrix imposter, some ex Santana member and big mountain. Of course we were only there to see Ten Years After who played after the "Hendrix" opening act. The bad news is, that they only played for an hour. the good news is they KICKED ASS! Chick,Leo, and Rik were their usual awesome selves and wow, Joe Gooch Rocks. And as the whipped cream topping, they all came out after the show to meet and greet and sign autographs, unfortunately i could not get my camera in, but the show and the band were fantastic.
  Then here recently we drove about 130 miles down to San Diego to see a Joe Cocker concert and stay the night down there. The day of the show we went in to the hotel lounge to have lunch, and lo and behold, who did we see was appearing in the lounge the following night?  thats right it was again Ten Years After . of course we quickly scrambled to re arrange our schedules and booked tickets for that show as well. Again they rocked only this time for 2 hours and i actually snapped some photos. My fiance, being an ex patriot from England has been a huge Alvin Lee/Ten Years Afetr fan all her life. I think it's safe to say that she is now a Ten Years After fan period. I've enclosed some live shots and some shots of the boys very graciously mugging with Gaynor.
   Just a side note, while talking to Rik Lee in Vegas, he told us that their flight into vegas was late, and would you believe the casino that they played and were supposed to stay in, had given their rooms away and the band had to sleep on the benches at the venue the night before the show. can you imagine that? I said if we only had know they could have stayed with us..............................
                          Johnny and Gaynor