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Vol. 24 - No. 11 - August 2006



The original article - see  below - had some inaccurate information about how they came to find Joe Gooch, this was respectfully corrected, while also elaborating on the bands continuation of their existing  history. This addition we feel will be more beneficial to the readers and Ten Years After fans.

Old and new! 

Keeping the record straight, so that you can pass the correct information onto others.





For the majority of the Woodstock generation, there were several rock bands that were embraced as „their“ bands. Among them was the British band, Ten Years After. From the moment they appeared at Woodstock; they helped define the Woodstock generation.

Their appearance there and in the film by the same name, Woodstock, pretty much stole the show. Who could forget the powerhouse rhythm section of “I’m Going Home.” 

From 1968 to 1975 Ten Years After continuously toured non-stop, garnering friends and fans all over the globe. If there was an important festival going on, Ten Years After had to be there, by public outcry. Their performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, Miami Pop Festival, The Toronto Peace Festival and more are legendary.

They performed at nearly every major venue on the planet, including Madison Square Garden, The Royal Albert Hall, Hot Heinz Pavilion, and even The Budokan in Tokyo.

Who could forget the many great albums that Ten Years After put out. Among those were:

The self titled - Ten Years After (1967) Undead (1968) Stonedhenge (1969) Ssshh (1969), Cricklewood Green (1970) Watt (1970) A Space In Time (1971) Rock `n´ Roll Music To The World (1972) Recorded Live (1973) Positive Vibrations (1974). And how about the great hit songs that permeated the radio, such as “I’m Going Home,” “I’d Love To Change The World,” “Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock `n´ Roll You,” and “Choo Choo Mama.” These were the songs of the Woodstock Generation. Their performances became huge events. There were sold out shows everywhere.

Unfortunately in 1975, Alvin Lee decided to go solo, creating a void in the band. Since then there have been a few short reunions (about every ten years it seemed). They even performed in Houston at Fitzgerald’s for one of those shows. The club was packed to the rafters and yes, we were there too.

In 2001 EMI and Decca Records, along with the bands drummer Ric Lee, digitally remastered all the tracks of their first three classic albums, along with some amazing rarities (bonus tracks) that were added after they were found hidden / buried  in the record companies vaults. Demand for the material was great and so was resurgence in seeing this great band perform live again.

Ric Lee and Chick Churchill both contacted Alvin Lee to see if he would be interested in reforming the band, and he declined. He merely stated that he was now in “Retirement”.

Public outcry / demand for the band continued and even though Alvin was not going to rejoin them, the rest of the band decided to reunite without him. And as most Rock `n´ Roll stories go at this point, it was time to find a new guitarist. So what do great rock and roll bands do?

But through Leo Lyons son Tom (who also is employed as the bands excellent backline technician) the name Joe Gooch was suggested as a more suitable choice for what the band was really looking for, guitar wizardry, good vocals, good song writer and able to pick up where Alvin Lee left off. Tom and Joe were schoolmates so Tom was well aware of Joe’s immense reputation and just as important Joe was about to add some fresh blood, high energy and some real passion to the band.

Joe sent an introductory audition cassette tape to the band, and in very short order Ric Lee could be found driving headlong on the highway to meet Joe in person and give him a personal audition. It wasn’t long after this inspired and spirited encounter with Ric, that Joe found himself in a full flight jam on stage in  Germany with his new colleagues and their very first gig together.

Ten Years After was now back on the road once again after being away for so long, and they were thrilling audiences all over Europe, as if they’d never been away.

The core elements of the band consist of and remain today:

Leo Lyons on Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals / Song Writer / Composer / Producer

Chick Churchill on Keyboards / Song Writer / Composer

Ric Lee Drums / Percussion / Song Writer / Business Affairs Manager / Tour Organiser

They have reunited in order to thrill a brand new, fresh generation of music fans with their “Classic Rock Favourites as well as a vast supply of brand new band material”.

Now at 28 years old, Joe Gooch along with the three globe-trotting  veterans of Ten Years After are generating new / revitalized interest in the band that helped define the Woodstock generation. 

Ten Years After Now – present new hits from the band, such as “When It All Falls Down,” “Time To Kill,” “King Of The Blues,”  and “Changes”. 

After nearly twenty years, Ten Years After is back once again, and they also have some great new material under their belt. Their first studio release in years is entitled
“Ten Years After NOW” and was released in April of 2004. Since then the band has also released a brand new double CD Live Album called “Roadworks.” Roadworks was released in 2006 and features some of their classic material as well as their new songs for your approval.

Ten Years After is on the road and touring with a heartfelt vengeance in order to make up for lost time. They have been criss-crossing the globe and playing to sold-out houses / venues everywhere they go. Reports from the field inform us that guitarist Joe Gooch is a monster / killer of unleashed raw talent. Instead of just copying the former guitarist licks and riffs, Joe is putting a brand new modern flair to the old songs, and that alone really brings the band right into the 21st Century, while also staying true to the original classics, and their classic hits. 


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TEN YEARS AFTER at the Coach House, San Diego, CA
Sept. 6,  2006 

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Publication:Dana Point News; Date:Aug. 17, 2006; Section:Sports; Page Number:19

Don’t miss blues-based rock group



    Ten Years After is batting 1,000.

    Despite the fact that guitarist Alvin Lee is no longer with the legendary rock outfit, bassist Leo Lyons, drummer Ric Lee and keyboardist Chick Churchill haven’t missed a beat since recruiting singerguitarist Joe Gooch in 2002.

    On Ten Years After’s latest CD, 2005’s “Now,” the quartet showcases the skills of a hard rocking-band able to unleash the heavy British blues-rock sonic brew that lends itself perfectly to the guitar wizardry that comes courtesy of Gooch. Like Lee, Gooch is armed with the fastest of fingers and has an ability of improvise in the spirit of British blues guitar virtuosos such as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

    Fans of Ten Years After, whose nine-minute version of “I’m Going Home” at Woodstock in August 1969 was the single greatest performance featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary about the music festival, get a rare chance to see the quartet when they headline at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Sunday night.

    In addition for audiences getting to hear the group play some of its best-known classics (“I’d Love to Change the World,” “Choo Choo Mama,” “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” and aforementioned “I’m Going Home”), the band will feature many of its recent gems.

    The aptly-titled “King of the Blues,” “Long Time Running” and “When It All Falls Down” all display a troupe at the top of its sonic game.

    Although formed in 1967, Ten Years After’s blues-based rock style is timeless and the newly-penned material is a welcome addition to the group’s legacy. “I’ll Make It Easy For You,” written by all four members of Ten Years After, is a beautiful and soulful blues song that showcases a mix of great musicianship and emotive vocals.

    Ten Years After will headline at the Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 20. Mama Hagglin and the Howard Johnson Experience will also perform. Tickets are $19.50. Information: 949-496-8930.

Keyboardist Chick Churchill, bassist Leo Lyons, drummer Ric Lee and singer-guitarist Joe Gooch.