March 2006


March 14, 2006 - SELLERSVILLE, PA

Many Thanks to Jon for the following photos


Comments after TYA's gig at  "Sellersville Theater"

by Elizabeth George:

I saw your group at the Sellersville, PA Theatre and you were awesome, especially the new guitar player. I hope you consider coming back to PA on the east coast so I can go to your concert again. Keep on rocking.

by Chris Tate: 

Was an usher at the Sellersville show.
Was really blown away by the energy and
sincerity of TYA after all these years.
The last time I saw you guys was at the Spectrum in Philly.
Tickets sold out quickly back then (for $5.00!!!) and TYA rocked full houses
there a few times. It was great to meet and greet such gracious and happy 60'ish rockers. Could teach a lot of young dudes the real meaning of rock. Please visit Sellersville again soon. We would love to see you back there.




March 16, 2006 -  SOMERVILLE, BOSTON, M.A.



Special Thanks to Herb Staehr for sharing his great photos with us


Comments after TYA's gig at "Johnny D's" in Somerville, Boston, M.A. 


by Strumpet:

"just saw Ten Years After Now in Boston and they were stunning, the crowd went beserk and they could have played all night, Joe is not Alvin but who cares we were rockin, the place was a full house. THE PEOPLE GET WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT"

by Lily:

"I am a new tya fan so after the show i saw on thursday night in Somerville ma. i decided to look for info on the internet. In my opinion, after all i saw them live, an they were one of the best bands i have seen in a long time. They are not a oldies band or a cover band, they are the real deal !!! The place was sold out an rocking for two hours !!! I also spoke with Joe after the show as well an i have never met a more classy young man who speaks VERY highly of Alvin Lee. I would never ever say a bad thing about any of the members old or new they are all great! and are doing a great job carrying out all the music we all know an love!

Rock on everyone ! XO"

by Will:

"just been to see tya in Bostern, boy this is not a cover band not by any means. They were hot. I met joe gooch and leo after the gig and i have never met a more unassuming and humble man in my life they have been invited back again in August for a second tour".




March 18, 2006 - Blawnox, PA

"We Believe in Music"

378 Freeport Rd
Blawnox, PA

(412) 828-2040



by Doug Donoughe:

Hey I just wanna say thanks so much to the new TEN YEARS AFTER for coming out and giving me the best encore of my life... 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain!!! I freaking flipped out, man. You guys are so great, no other band has ever brought home the goods like that for me, ever! The whole show was incredible. I'm in love with the band!

I probably should have mentioned that I saw their AMAZING show at Moondoggs in Blawnox, PA last Saturday. FREAKING GREAT!!!