TEN YEARS AFTER in Wolfsburg
Germany, 24 November 2005 














Ten Years After:
Were on fire the whole set. Joe was playing his new guitar, Leo was singing support vocals to "King Of The Blues". Chick is Chick, clapping in support, playing his air guitar during "I'm Going Home" but most of all pounding out the most amazing keyboard work.

BUT....the real star of the show on this night was RIC LEE!!!
Leo introduced Ric's "Hobbit" drum solo as "Ric will now break the worlds speed record". With that being said Ric took this as his cue, and off he went full force - from Zero to 320 in the flash of a spot light and special lighting on his drum kit.
From my point of view, Ric dropped his subtle Jazz finesse based format and replaced it with solid rock and roll drumming. Heart stopping rolling thunder! Pounding the bass drum in rapid succession in a continuous roar that would blow open all the doors in the Tolkien Trilogy.
Ric was beating the drum heads to shreds, standing up from his drum stool he continued whipping the cymbals unmercifully. Ric Lee was attempting to do the impossible, he was trying with all the strength he could possibly muster to beat these inanimate objects into submission.
Ric may not accomplished the impossible but he did show that expensive drum kit just who was the boss, as both master and musical instrument came to terms through mutual respect.
Ric recreated God's thunder, but his power, passion and energy, was the lightning that set this night on fire.
His version/this version of "Hobbit" propelled Ten Years Afters performance right over the top, the rest of the set maintained the energy level but couldn't surpass Ric's solo performance.




















Photos by Brigitte & Dave