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  Pre-Concert Ad  printed by "LDA" LAHN-DILL-ANZEIGER, Nov. 20th 2003

The  LDA-"Scene" presents the Music-Event of the Autumn Season

Blues, Jazz and Rock'n'Roll: "Ten Years After" in Solms

The successful British quartet Ten Years After is coming with three original members and a new guitarist to the Taunushalle in Solms

Solms. The music of the seventies is booming again and accordingly "Seventies" TV Shows are performed weekly.

On December 11th, in the "Taunushalle in Solms" the LDA-"Scene" is presenting a combo who while performing at the Woodstock Festival in 1969  got their first  taste of world stardom that continued on through the early Seventies: "Ten Years After". Start at 8 p.m.

From "I'm Going Home" onto "I'm Comin' On"

The British quartet is associated with innovative sound effects with Jazz, Blues and Rock'n'Roll that blew away the established Blues Scene in a powerful way. Hits like "I'm Going Home", "I Woke Up This Morning", "Choo Choo Mama", "I'm Coming On" and LP releases such as "Stonedhenge", "Watt" or "Ssssh" had an enduring influence to the Rock Community.

Three Originals and a new guitarist

Although today original guitarist Alvin Lee is no longer with them because he went his seperate way,  the band still  consist of  original members Chick Churchill (keyboards), Leo Lyons (bass) and Ric Lee (drums). Even without Alvin Lee's presence in  the band, this unit  hasn't lost anything of their stage attraction or audience appeal.  Their new young singer and guitarist  Joe Gooch  is quick as a flash and is more than just an  adiquate replacement.

Pre-Selling of tickets go at full blast

Tickets for the concert of the Blues-Rock Legend are available at...







After the Concert: The Audience didn't want to let TYA leave the stage

Post Concert Review - Dec. 18th 2003

The LDA "Scene" presented a Woodstock Legend

"Ten Years After" played away like blazes in a good humor

About 250 people in the Taunushalle of Solms celebrated the three original musicians and their new frontman

It's been quite a long time since "Ten Years After" was well-known not only in Rock Scene . After their concert at the legendary Woodstock Festival 1969 the British quartet got to superstar status and had sold millions of records.

When frontman Alvin Lee quit in 1975 to walk his own path you didn't hear about the band anymore. With young 26-year-old guitarist and lead-singer Joe Gooch the remaining founding members returned to the concert stage. The three die hard  musicians didn't forget anything during their years out of the limelight and they proved it to the estimated 250 plus people who attended the gig in spite of the first heavy snowfall of the season, they all came out to the Taunushalle and the band got the Taunushalle crowd Rocking, Rolling and Shaking the concert hall down.

The young new frontman convinced with interesting voice and impressed as master of his instrument. No doubt, he is more than just a replacement for his famous predecessor.

They played the well known classic hits like "I'm Going Home", "Love Like A Man", I'd Love To Change The World", "Choo Choo Mama" "BigBlack 45" that got the crowd moving as much as the newley composed songs "Long Time Rolling" and "I Make It Easy For You", which will be on the new album / CD that they are currently recording. Driven by the happy clapping, dancing and singing crowd all four Rock musicians reached their peak and presented themselves to be in the very best of moods. They were soaking wet sweating from the head  to toe and gave everything they had especially with their impressive solo's. In between the band kept up a continuous  humorous dialogue with the audience.  The band's final comment to this appreciative audience was " Tomorrow we play in France, we wish you could all come with us" this showed that this evening was also great enjoyment  for the legendary combo. So Ten Years After rewarded the audience (who didn't want them to leave the stage), with three encores.