Mr. John Kenney's Concert Review and Photos 


The Good, The Bad and The Chubby…LIVE!!

The Big Easy, Portland, Me   


Well the man comes to my area Portland, Me. On a Friday night no less. My wife and I go and she brought a small camera with her. We wound up about 15’ from the stage most of the night. Chubby did 2 sets and if I had known sold many cd’s and a DVD between sets.

Well it seems that this was the tour behind his new album. It truly is a great album with much more texture than what is presented live. There’ lots of keys and horns on the album but live he was a three-piece band. Chubby was reserved in his dress this night, but more than made up for it some best musicianship you will see. They performed; somebody let the Devil Out, My Last Cigarette, and many more from the album. His drummer I believe to be Steve Holley. He was in the pocket all night, and his partner in crime on bass they were locked into Chubby all night. They drove to great heights and other times the most melodic, soulful music you will hear. Chubby played his battered strat like few I have seen. BIG NOTE, whomever was the Sound Man for Chubby that night, was great! He got the best drum sound in a club I have heard in a long while, drums are the roughest to get especially the snare, you want it to snap your head off without losing depth, this guy did a great mix, lowering and heightening aspects during the show. I wonder if he was regular with Chubby? Bands sound can be changed so much by a soundman. I was one for many years here in New England area. During the break I bought from Chubby his DVD, I suggest anyone get it. There are some great videos of he and his wife playing, talking about his kids, the “life”.

Second set Chubby just tore the place up and came back and played one encore. Be great to have them on the same bill as TYA. My wife whom is not easily impressed stayed awake the whole show and actually liked him and had a good time. LOL.



Mr. John Kenney talking with John Ferris, professional Photographer and friend