POPA CHUBBY - The King of NYC Blues
At Henry Gellrich's  "Blues Garage"  Hannover, Germany - September 2003

Popa Chubby (guitar, vocals, drums)
Mike Lattrell (keyboards, vocals)
Nick D’Amato (bass guitar, vocals)
Brian Wolfe (drums)

      No Broken Guitars, No Broken Drum Heads, No Problem

Popa Chubby was in excellent form and the band with new drummer Brian Wolfe were on top of the music and the world.

The show began at 10:30 instead of the usual 10:00 start time for the other bands that we’ve seen perform there, so between 10:00 and 10:30 the audience (ourselves included) were getting a little restless.

We arrived at 6:15 for the soundcheck and got to talk to the band members for a good hour and a quarter and at about 7:30 I aquired two hard wood chairs and positioned them right in front of the stage for Brigitte and I and used the edge of the stage for our table. The band was just coming out of the back room and heading back to the hotel to get ready for the show, Popa looked over across the empty room and saw us sitting there by our lonesome selves and he just smiled from ear to ear.  


That’s where we stayed put until 1:00 AM when we were released from the crowd of Popa’s fans who held us hostage from their sheer numbers standing behind us.

The show lasted for two and a quarter hours which included an extended encore of Popa’s guitar work and a duel drum solo with Brian.


          SET LIST:    
  1. Diesel and Jet Fuel
  2. Dirty Lie
  3. Chubby Time
  4. Already Stoned
  5. White Boy Blues
  6. NYC Blues
  7. (New Song) that included Sweet Liberty
  8.  Pipeline
  9.  Hey Joe
  10.  Walk On The Wild Side
  11.  Wild Thing
  12.  POPA---RAP
  13.  A Jazz Jam (forgot the real title)
  14.  Caffeine and Nicotine
  15.  Stay Down Baby ( forgot the real title)
  16. Daddy Played the Guitar and Mama Was A Disco Queen
  17. How’d  A White Boy Get The Blues? 
  18. Somebody Let the Devil Out   

We can tell you it was very loud sitting right between those stage monitors and in front of Popa himself. Ringing ears is a small  price to pay for prime seating and being bombarded with the music of Popa Chubby for three hours (sound check included).

Popa (Ted Horwitz) is an incredible talent and he does it his way, during the sound check he said  to Henry “up with the drum sound, down with the bass guitar it’s too loud and he won’t be able to play the way he likes and if  monitors squeel that’s where I want it, I want to be able to hear myself no matter what. Alright that’s it Popa says now leave everything alone, don’t touch anything and off the stage he goes. He walks over shakes my hand, says hello to Brigitte and then signs our new guestboook, cd covers and a large poster we brought with us from the Alando gig. Back on stage the drummer needs some adjustments, more of this and less of that and Mike Lattrell on the keyboards also needs some fine tuning before all is ready.   

During the show nothing is adjusted and for the duration it is go go go, green light Rock’n Blues set on full throttle. During the show  Popa drinks a bottle of water in three large gulps, wipes the sweat off of himself two or three times then he’s back at it again and again and again.  

Brian missed a drum cue in one of the songs and Popa headed in his direction with guitar ready to be thrown right through the drum head—then changes his mind and aims the head of the guitar right at Brian and both Popa and Brian burst out laughing at the situation—just good fun and nothings lost in the music. 

Nick D’Amato on the bass guitar does an incredible ten minute solo as Popa watches and enjoys it with us.  

Popa talks to the audience about George Bush and the moron that Bush is and the Germans agree—which leeds into Schroder who Popa says is kissing George’s ass so much that….. well enough said, you never know who reads this review anyways---and after all it is only music we’re talking about.   As always Popa loves his fans and we all love him just as much.  The set is over, the band and Popa head for the back room—they come back out for the encore. Popa now has a whole cake in his hand from the dressing room, he proceeds to toss some pieces into the crowd and says “I thought you might be hungry so I wanted to share this with you” he walks over to us and between the dozen or so hands reaching for some morsel of food he has one person in mind and he places a piece gently into Brigitte’s hand. 

 The encore consisted of some great guitar playing and a duel drum solo with Brian and Popa, that lasted twenty minutes. After shaking hands with the fans from the stage he then proceeds to the dressing room for a few minutes, comes out signs cd’s ect. and then back into the dressing room to do a radio interview. 

We make our rounds to say thank you and good-by to everyone in the band and at the Blues Garage owners Henry and Ramona and head home.

Concert Review  by Dave and Brigitte 












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